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Who, what, when, why, how

I’ve written in a number of places before, but as time marches on previous locations make less sense than they use to. This is my new spot.

  • Who: I’m Wayne.
  • What: I run software based businesses.
  • When: I started my professional journey in 1989 when I went full time in my own software contracting/consulting company.
  • Why: I like solving problems and helping people.
  • How: I am a pragmatist. I have an affinity towards agile/lean

There of course is more to a person than what they do professionally

  • I’m happily married with 2 great kids
  • I enjoy reading science fiction, riding motorcycles and brewing beer (not all at the same time).
  • I’ve traveled more than the average bear, but less than some. I plan on traveling more.

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