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What I look for in a Remote Employee

I hire technical people primarily. Each position has a number of key technologies that need to be accounted for. I use the “audition” approach wherein the candidate does what I actually want them to do as an employee (e.g. write code). I’m not all that interested in how well they interview (although it does helps me understand their soft skills).

Hiring in-person  for a position in our office is different than hiring a remote employee who will interview and work remotely.

Beyond the basic technical abilities which are teased out during the audition the key traits in a remote employee I’m looking for are:

  • Good communication – not too little and not too much, gets clarification when needed.
  • Follows direction – we do things a certain way for a reason, but we are open to change if it improves things.
  • Experience as a freelancer or a remote employee.
  • Proactive – doesn’t wait for permission to do what they know is necessary.
  • Willing to take and act on feedback – they will do something wrong at some point and we will tell them so, what they do next is key.
  • English skills – they don’t need to be Shakespeare, but we shouldn’t always be requesting clarification.
  • Workspace – good internet, good computer, dedicated quiet place to work.

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